martes, 11 de octubre de 2011

Welcome to the life of Riley

Hi everyone,

This is a blog setup by Sandra and myself to just talk about general life and for me living in London as a US citizen. The posts will be anything from general thoughts, to trips we take, to things I find different or funny from the US, etc.

The main point of this blog is just so friends and family members can follow along and stay in touch if they so choose. So this blog will replace my travelling blog over at as well as the now defunct blog I occasionally used in southern California over at

I arrived in the UK on September 28, 2011, so I have been here a little under 2 weeks. How did I get here you might ask... well its a long story so I will get you a brief overview:

September 2010: I went travelling through South America and met Sandra.
February 2011: After returning from S.A., I started working at Carmax selling used cars.
April 2011: Sandra and I got engaged and decided I would move to England.
August 2011: We got married and prepared to apply for the UK spouse visa.
September 2011: The spouse visa was granted and I moved over.

During that time Sandra came to the US in January, March, May, and July. Most people asked me why was I moving and not Sandra? Well really because I wanted to. I had been to London once before and really enjoyed it. Also, since Sandra is going back to university (studying in class as we speak) it was much cheaper for her to be a student in the UK instead of in the US.

So now that you know how I got here and why, the next blogs will be about trips, travels, funny things, and whatever else we feel about writing. Hope everyone enjoys the blog!